Create New Revenue Streams
with Your Expertise and Knowledge

An eLearning platform designed for independent trainers, coaches, consultants and speakers!

With eLearningPlus© you can:
  • Add eLearning to your product offerings

  • Use gamification to maximize training effectiveness

  • Add webinars to your training capabilities

  • Add certification testing into your best practices

  • Create assessments producing customized student results

  • Sell videos, eBooks and White Papers online

  • Reduce your travel while increasing your review

  • Provide pre- and post-instructional testing

  • Display public classes and allow student registration

  • . . . and a very low cost of entry

eLearningPlus© is easy to use and was designed for non-technical people. It was built by an independent training company for their own use and it helped them scale their business, increase their revenue, and expand their product offerings. Now it's available to you!

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