What eLearningPlus© Can Do For You
eLearningPlus is an online knowledge transfer platform that comes complete with these capabilities:
Brand with your company logo
eLearningPlus can be directly connected to your existing website and be branded with your company logo. This helps you expand your company's brand name when doing surveys, eLearning, and other online functions.
Create online training classes

Once your PowerPoin t slides are enhanced with audio and converted to a video (it's easy and we can help you do this) eLearningPlus allows you to upload them and create an online class.
Manage webinars, events, and classes
Connect eLearningPlus to your favorite Webinar tool, such as FreeScreenShare©, SmartMeeting© or GoToMeeting© to help you manage your webinars. This feature can also be used to help you manage and coordinate in-person events and training.
Build and administer exams
The system has a simple process that allows you to create online exams that comes with functionality that automatically corrects answers. This is ideal for certification testing and "Test Your Knowledge" type class modules.
Sell eLearning, eBooks, and webinars.
The system is connected to a credit card processor, thus allowing you to sell training-related online products on the web. These products can include eLearning classes, white papers, videos, training materials, and virtually any other product that can be downloaded or video displayed .
Write and administer surveys
These surveys are created through the same easy-to-use tool for exams. Once created, participants completing your surveys may do so either anonymously or connect via a login screen. Uses have total control based on how the survey is created.
Add gamification to your eLearning
Suggest: With eLearningPlus you can move beyond traditional eLearning and "gamify" your classes. Our platform allows you to build levels, badges, prizes, leader boards, discussion boards, and other gamification features easily and directly into your online classes.
Many, many additional uses and features
In addition to the functionality mentioned here, eLearningPlus contains many other features and benefits. Please contact us and we'll be happy to give you demonstration.
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