The eLearningPlus© Learning Management System
The eLearningPlus Learning Management System (LMS) was initially built for use by our parent company, Manager Mechanics, an independent training company that specializes in IT Leadership.
Since we wanted a world-class system for our own use, we built it to contain the features needed to support training, speaking, consulting, and coaching related activities in a way that enhanced our web presence and create new sources of revenue.
Now, after significant investment, we are sharing our platform with other companies.
At a high level, this platform contains the following capabilities:
  • eLearning
  • Test development and auto-correction
  • Named and anonymous surveys
  • Credit card enabled
  • Event management
  • Connectivity to most standard webinar products
  • PC, Apple, and Droid compatibility
  • Internal discussion groups
  • Assessment builder creating customized advice
  • Gamification
  • Specialized reporting by client and company
  • Flash and MP4 display capabilities
  • SCORM compatibility
  • Curriculum definition and display
  • Student dashboards
  • 360 manager analysis features
  • Custom branding to your website
  • And much more . . .

From a technical perspective, the whole system is in the cloud. There is nothing to install on your PC, we handle all of the software upgrades for you, it can be accessed (by you and your students) from any location that has internet access.
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